Shipping Information

Shipping Aquariums

Shipping of all aquariums at Aclearium is done via small parcel (FedEx or UPS) or LTL (less than load) freight carriers.

Shipping is FREE for Aquariums and any orders containing an aquarium with the exception of Stands or Canopies.


Unfortunately, once a tank leaves our shop we no longer have any control over what happens to it. Damage to tanks is rare but it can happen. MAKE SURE YOU INSPECT YOUR TANK BEFORE SIGNING FOR IT! Do not let the driver insist on your signature first. This is your right, do not let the driver tell you the package is fine and try and rush you. Look over the packaging very carefully and if there is any damage to the outside packaging, look closely at the area to determine if it has affected the tank in any way. If you suspect anything, it is strongly advised that you remove the packaging and give the tank a thorough inspection

If you sign for a tank because you are in a hurry (or because the driver is) before checking it over, you may be out of luck if you open it later only to find that it is damaged.

If you do happen to find any damage to the aquarium REFUSE IT and call Aclearium immediately so we can determine the best course of action at the time. Write down any damage, whether to the packaging or to the tank, on the drivers paperwork, or make sure he/she does. Do not let anybody talk you into signing for it, leaving it there, and working it out later with the shipper. If you refuse a shipment, give us a call right away with the details.

Again, most tanks are shipped smoothly and the above is only mentioned to help you from making common mistakes, and to assure that you get the product you paid for without damage.


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